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    Chapter 147 This Place Is Now Off Limits! changeable bucket

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    «Magical Beasts can have their strength, rate, and protection increased slightly»

    «Magical Beasts can have ‘Moderate Regeneration’»

    When Extended Yijun been curious about which disciple was liable for this commotion, the whole picture of Yuan’s face immediately sprang out in their go, creating him to facepalm loudly.

    «Magical Beasts will probably have their electrical power, speed, and protection improved slightly»

    ‘Heavens… Don’t inform me he’s gonna set up another precedent by turning into the initial guy to defeat all 100 flooring surfaces in the Carp Jumping Over Dragon’s Gateways Tower? Even Creator only managed to pa.s.s 99 flooring surfaces!’ Long Yijun cried inwardly as a golden lighting emitted through the 94th ground.

    Yet another half a minute later, the 23rd ground glowed which has a great lightweight.

    ‘It’s definitely Disciple Yuan! I cannot picture others carrying out everything close to this!’ Very long Yijun shown to him or her self, in which he thought to personally visit the Carp Leaping Over Dragon’s Gates Tower.

    «Magical Beasts can have ‘Moderate Religious Injury Resistance’»

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    «Magical Beasts will have ‘Weak Physical Injury Resistance’»

    When Extended Yijun wondered which disciple was liable for this commotion, the picture of Yuan’s face immediately showed up within his travel, resulting in him to facepalm loudly.

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    One more sect elder directly spat the tea in the mouth area back out as he found out about the specific situation.

    «Magical Beasts will have ‘Moderate Actual physical Damage Resistance’»

    Yuan’s results for the Carp Leaping Over Dragon’s Gateways Tower was shocking that it’d achieved the ear on most disciples in the sect and in many cases a lot of sect elders, leading to lots more people to show up with the tower to observe the spectacle.

    “What? Who could possibly…”

    «Congratulations on attaining a complete of 50 flooring. The difficulty has actually been changed.»

    “What should we do?” Bai Ling asked.

    When Yuan noticed the alert now, he didn’t take action very much and patiently waited for any awesome beasts to sp.a.w.n.

    “This position is already off limits! You all have half a minute to disappear completely from my eyesight or I will penalize you for disobeying my— the Sect Master’s direct instructions!” Prolonged Yijun’s speech boomed in the community, startling the disciples there.

    “This position is off confines! All of you have thirty seconds to fade away from my sight or I will punish you for disobeying my— the Sect Master’s immediate instructions!” Prolonged Yijun’s sound boomed in the region, shocking the disciples there.


    “I’ll appear along very,” reported Bai Ling.

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    «Magical Beasts can have their power, performance, and protection elevated moderately»

    «Magical Beasts are going to have their potential, performance, and safeguarding elevated slightly»

    24… 25… 26…

    Thus, Very long Yijun and many great-ranking sect elders shown up with the tower sometime later, and when they found the tower, there have been only fifteen floors still left on the tower, abandoning them speechless.

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    «Magical Beasts will now have ‘Moderate Regeneration’»

    “You heard the Sect Master! Everyone, scram!” Bai Ling also shouted at them.

    Soon after attaining the 21st ground, the difficulty adjusted all over again.

    «Congratulations on hitting a complete of 50 flooring. The problem has been modified.»

    Following shelling out an overall of thirty minutes within the tower, Yuan has managed to achieve the 51st surface right after defeating the awesome beasts in the 50th ground which were in the 9th degree of the Nature Warrior kingdom, ascending half of the tower.

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    Nonetheless, despite the trouble adjustments, Yuan didn’t actually feel its effects, much like there were no modifications whatsoever, and the man carried on to ascend the tower at record-breaking up rates of speed.

    Yet another sect elder directly spat the green tea in their mouth back out as he learned about the circumstance.

    As a result, Yuan ongoing speeding through the remainder of the tower with barely any breaks or cracks in-between levels, and then he only started using breaks before the employer place immediately after reaching the 70th ground, due to the fact the trial offer was so easy that he’d received uninterested from it.

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    ‘This Disciple Yuan… d.a.m.n it! Exactly why are you so d.a.m.n gifted?! This isn’t acceptable!’ Min Li cried inwardly when Yuan pa.s.sed her history and ascended for the 78th floor.

    After Yuan stepped to the 95th flooring, Extended Yijun as well as the other substantial-rating sect senior citizens started dispersing the group in the area, since they didn’t want Yuan’s ident.i.ty to problem so rapidly.